HP — Hybrid Working


The goal was to explain the shift to hybrid working in the most engaging way possible by using 2D character animation and graphic colourful designs. From script stage to final delivery Dan took what is quite a complex issue and boiled it down to familiar visuals that office workers can relate to. This was very much a phenomenon that people were having personal experiences of so it made sense to frame it from their perspective.

Role: Director & 2D Animator

Scene 1 - Commute

Shot 2 - Home & Office

Shot 3 - Remote Work

Client: HP & Guardian Labs

Production Company: Wild
Illustrator: Jay Quercia
2D Animation: Untitled Studio (Pablo Thomas & Christian Tailor)
Sound Designer: Gareth Young
Working together with LA based Illustrator Jay Quercia, Dan storyboarded and oversaw the illustration and animation stage of the process.

Dan and the team used a combination of After Effects character animation and CEL animation in photoshop to bring this to life in the most efficient way possible.