Client: Guardian Labs & Interactive Investor
Production Company: Wild
Producer & Scriptwriter - Ed Emsley
Illustrator - Jeremy Holden
Sound Designer - Tim Steemson

3D Renders were taken into photoshop where key frames were hand painted. Finally using the A.I tool EB Synth we converted the whole 3D render to look like the painted frame.  

Interactive Investors

‘Starting Your Investment Journey’ (2023)
Branded Content
Director & 3D Animator

We used cutting edge A.I based animation software to convert 3D animated renders into beautifully painted animations. 

Taking Inspiration from David Hockneys garden paintings we built a cottage and garden in C4D complete with a pond. We then positioned cameras around the garden like we would in a real live action shoot.


‘Humanising Energy’ (2023)
Title Sequence
Director & 3D Animator

The concept behind this title sequence was to capture the relationship between individuals and the rapidly changing energy sector.  

We wanted to make the footage look as beautiful as possible by framing it in the best way possible. Dan animated the characters as well as lighting them and selecting the footage. Inspiration was taken from real photographs of projections. 
Client: BBC Storyworks
Production Company: Wild

Producer: Ed Emsley
Sound Design: Ed Emsley

PWe Used Unreal Engine and Metahumans to create hyper realistic humans and light them as if in a real studio shoot. Using virtual projectors we mapped videos of various energy infratsructure to the Metahumans bodies. 

Dan Says:
‘Crossing the uncanny valley by creating digital human renders that appear convincingly real to the audiences eye is probably the most difficult challenge we’ve ever attempted as the human brain is hyper sensitive to millions of details that make up a human image. However I feel we are almost at a level with this technology where we can be confident of doing this. This was what made this such an interesting piece to work on.